Collection of free discovery tools

Session Analyser | Tools to analyse browser sessions for information leakage and security issues

Risk Level = the intensity of the noise × by its potential to harm the endpoint

Free expert RAG analysis on the results

RAG analysis is available on some of our popular tools to provide an actionable breakdown of the results performs RAG analysis on the data.

With a growing number of tests performed on the raw resutls, we are able to provide categorised breakdowns of the data, descriptions of tests performed and recommendations for how to fix the issue.

Data Driven Analysis

Where other tools just provide technical results. We go a step further and analyse those results by pulling in datasets from all around the internet and adding contextual breakdowns to the results.

Scope your network, monitor assets, and automate


Tools that help you discover your network and keep track of technical assets.

Domain Audit

Monitors the exterior of your network for problems as soon as they arise.

Webpage Audit

Register your domains and have automatically scan for vulnerabilities on a schedule.