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You get an increase in tokens (raining down).
More Tokens

Every plan comes with a substantial increase in tokens.

Access to playbooks.
Access to Playbooks

Execute Web Security Playbooks that integrate various tools to automate security analysis.

Access to API.
API Access

Gain full access to our (OpenAPI/Swagger) API, enabling you to programmatically leverage all our capabilities.

Access to AI analyst.
AI Assistant

Caspar, your AI Assistant, will analyze security issues, summarize results, and visualize data as you work.

Access to srcport shield.
Srcport Shield Monitoring

Unlock Srcport Shield, an automated monitoring service designed to safeguard your digital assets.

Access to datasets.
Access to Datasets

We crawl the internet and create cyber security datasets you can download.


Are you a Cyber Analyst, Security Operator or Enterprise?

Freemium Cyber Analyst Plan Security Operator Plan Enterprise Plan Enterprise Plan
Price FREE £14/month £60/month £300/month £3000/year
Tokens 500/month 20,000/month 50,000/month 100,000/month 1,200,000/year
Requests Per Minute (RPM) 15/rpm 30 rpm 60 rpm 120 rpm 120 rpm
Srcport Shield Domains 1 domain 10 domains 100 domains 100 domains
Scan Analysis Limited
Charts & Graphs
API Access
AI Analyst Limited
Playbooks Limited
Enterprise Dashboards Coming soon Coming soon
Enterprise Support
Student Discount Get 50% off the Cyber Analyst or Security Operator Plans. Emailsupport@srcport.comfrom a university account to get a discount code. logo
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Input Required
Caspar the AI Analyst.
Caspar AI Analyst
After running a capability, you can ask your AI Assistant questions about the results.