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At, developers with a focus on cybersecurity have the opportunity to both share their tools with a wider audience and earn revenue from their work. Our platform supports creators in areas such as threat detection and vulnerability assessments, among others. By hosting your cybersecurity solutions with us, you can contribute to a safer digital environment while receiving a share of the earnings generated by your tools. It’s a straightforward way for skilled developers to gain recognition and benefit financially from their expertise.

How does it work?

  • Propose your Tool Drop us a message through the contact center and let us know what your tool idea is. If we like it, we can begin a conversation to guide you how best to build it for
  • Develop a Tool in any language you want, though we prefer Golang and Python. The main constraint for language choice is the runtime environment. The code must be able to run on Debian Linux and the language must have a small runtime environment. You can use any of's APIs in your own tool and we'll integrate them on the backend.
  • Submit Your Tool to for review. We will evaluate the tool for quality, security, and functionality and if necessary work with you to help get it into a state that we can host it.
  • Front end Design. We'll work with you to get the front end design right. You can optionally provide your own design and we'll integrate it as closely as possible or you can leave it to us and we'll create a frontend for your creation.
  • Earn Revenue from your tool. We will host your tool on and you will receive a share of the revenue generated by your tool. The more users your tool has, the more revenue you will earn.

We'll display your user details and any socials on the tool page so users will know who built it. We'll host it on our website as one of the capabilities, we'll work with you to get the frontend and branding right. At the moment, this process happens through the contact center, so reach out and register your interest.

We're mostly interested in cyber security tooling but we also recognise the importance of data science, machine learning and similar themed tools. If you think your tool idea could compliment our growing number of tools, reach out! logo
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