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A collection of playbooks to help you automate your workflows.

Image representing the Asset Discovery Playbook. Subscription Required
Asset Discovery Playbook

Finds assets online by searching for subdomains, IP addresses, and more.

  • HTTP Status Check
  • DNS Lookup
  • Subdomain Finder
  • WebTech Detector
  • Google Dorking
Image representing the Open Source Intelligence Playbook. Subscription Required
Open Source Intelligence Playbook

Performs Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on a target domain to find information about the organization.

  • Resource Analysis
  • WebTech Detector
  • Cyber Squatting
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sensitive Document Search
  • OSINT Scanner
Image representing the Vulnerability Scanner Playbook. Subscription Required
Vulnerability Scanner Playbook

Scans a target domain for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

  • SSL Analysis
  • Port Scanner
  • Subdomain Finder
  • Banner Grabber
  • Vulnerability Scanner
Image representing the Credential Leak Playbook. Subscription Required
Credential Leak Playbook

Searches for leaked credentials associated with a target domain.

  • Cookie Security
  • Cookie Entropy
  • Local Storage
  • Session Crawler
  • Admin Page Search
  • Authentication Leak Scanner
Image representing the Web Scanner Playbook. Freemium
Web Scanner Playbook

Scans a target domain for web application vulnerabilities.

  • WebTech Detector
  • Web Spider
  • HTTP Headers
  • HTTP Methods
  • JavaScript CVE Scanner
  • Open Redirect Scanner
Image representing the Session Analysis Playbook. Freemium
Session Analysis Playbook

Analyzes session management on a target domain to identify security issues.

  • Cookie Entropy
  • Session Crawler
  • Software Scanner
Image representing the Domain Reputation Playbook. Freemium
Domain Reputation Playbook

Checks the reputation of a target domain to identify potential security risks.

  • DNS Lookup
  • Domain Reputation
  • Cyber Squatting
Image representing the Digital Asset & Brand Protection Playbook. Freemium
Digital Asset & Brand Protection Playbook

Protects digital assets and brand reputation by monitoring for unauthorized use.

  • Page Insights
  • Business Intelligence
  • Favicon Finder
  • HTML Entities
  • Image Metadata Extractor logo
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